What is Domain | How to buy a domain

What is Domain, this question often comes in the mind of those people, who think about making money by working on the internet and Google because it requires a website or blog for them and then it is necessary for them to know what a domain name is?

 So if you also want to know what a domain name is, then read this post once complete.

Although in today’s era everyone uses the internet, so everyone wants to know about the domain. Because these words you get to listen to the word domain.

In this period of digital marketing, everyone uses the Internet to grow their business, and it is essential to have a website to spread any activity on the internet.

Therefore, before creating the website, you should know about the domain and what kind of domain is better for your website and blog.

After reading this post today, there will hardly be something about the domain that you will not know. Because today we are going to tell you the full detail about the Domain Name System. So read this post carefully.

What is the Domain Name System

A domain is the name of any website. People who search through the Search Engine and access your site directly. Just like if you type www.facebook.com in Google, you get access to direct facebook.

Indeed, Domain Name or DNS [Domain Name System] which works on IP address. Every website has different IP addresses. Like which is difficult to remember. Therefore started the Domain Name System.

Just imagine if you have to remember such numbers to go straight to every website, then it would be difficult to use the internet. That’s why I started the Domain Name System to make the Internet accessible and straightforward, which works only on the IP address in the background.

You need the hosting and domain name to create a website on the Internet. Then they are combined into one site. Now you have to search for that domain directly in google for its domain name. Which you simply reach that website This is called domain name or web address.

important Tips  for your Domain Name for Your Website

1.  Your Target Locations

What is Domain | How to buy a domain

If you run a local business and your domain name is not available. Add your physical location to the name. If for instance your restaurant name is already taken,

you can always add a location like this- yourrestaurantny.com.Now the domain name is also letting the visitors know about the location of your business.

Or if you have a local businessWhy not go for location-based extensions such as .nyc if you have a business in New York. Then your domain name will look something like this –www.yourrestaurant.nycwhich is also a good option if you are a local business. Add location to your domain name only if you have a local business.

2. Use a domain name generator

Domain name generators can also be used to help you out with some useful ideas. If you are having a hard time brainstorming a domain name these tools can be of real help.

Now the next step in the process is buying a domain name. You can buy domain names at a very low price at

  1. GoDaddy
  2. Namecheap

3. Easy to Remember

To understand this concept let’s take the example of two imaginary domains.

  1. smartblogger.com.
  2. freelancer.com

Which one is easy to remember? Of course royal bakery.comHere you can notice in the second name the word royal is misspelled. This will confuse the visitors whereas royalbakery.com is very easy to type, remember and understand.

Try to avoid domain names that can cause confusion while typing. There are chances you may lose on traffic.

To solve this problem you can add a prefix or a suffix to the domain name to make it unique. Such as adding ‘the’ can be beneficial. Now the domain name is theroyalbakery.com which is easy to remember and type.

Type of Domain Name System

There are several types of Domain Name. Whose importance is different? We are going to tell you about those domains that you need to know. Because if the selection of a website’s domain name is correct, it is very beneficial. Therefore it is imperative to know this before you can choose a domain.

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Top Level Domain Name [TLDN]

Top Level Domain Name is considered to be very good according to the search engine and SEO. It is the last part of any domain, which written after dot Part written after the dot is called internet domain extension.

This type of domain increases your website’s value in the search engine. This helps you to rank your site It is given a higher priority over the search engine, such as facebook.com, wikipedia.org, and so forth.

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Top Level Domain Name extension list

What is Domain | How to buy a domain
  • .COM (Commercial)
  • .Fo
  • .name (Name)
  • .NET (network)
  • .Org (organization)
  • .Biz (business)
  • .Gov (government)
  • .Edu (education)

Second Country Code Top Level Domain Name [CcTLDN]

This type of domain especially taken in the mind of a country. Which can attain maximum traffic from that country? It is the top level domain name for any country. Which is given importance by the search engine.

For example, if you desire to get more traffic from India, then you should use the .in domain extension. These are the domain extensions of some other countries.

  • .in-India
  • .ie-Ireland
  • .it-Italy
  • .pk-Pakistan
  • .jp-japan
  • .us-United States

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Third Sub-Domain Name System

As the name suggests, it is only part of a domain. Which is called subdomain. It provides many websites for free. It is free.

Like if you use any video editing app free, you get to see it in the watermarked video after editing that video.

Similarly, when you create a subdomain of a domain, its name is also associated with it. As if you create a blog on Blogger, you are given a free domain which is something like indiatechmoney.blogspots.com.

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How to Buy a Good Domain Name

For the buying domain name first, go to GoDaddy

Picking Up A Perfect Domain Name

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Initially, decide what will be your website Niche

  • Add to your website related keyword to the domain
  • A domain should be small and easy to remember
  • Domain Name should be easy to spelling
  • Always choose the Top Level Domain.
  • Make the name of your domain so that it does not match anyone.

Buying a domain is very easy. However, before purchasing a domain, take care of the things mentioned above. There are many websites on the Internet from which you can buy the domain. Just keep in mind that his service is excellent.

So, friends, I hope you now have a better understanding of what is Domain Name and how to buy a proper domain. In this post, we have given you full information about the domain. If you like this post, then share it with your friends.

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