How to Start Blogging in 2019

If you start thinking more often about creating a new blog, but you don’t know where to start, this article will be handy for you even if this is your first experience with creating and publishing a website on the web. I tried to create a detailed step-by-step guide to show how you need to create a brand new blog in 2019 if you’re planning to start right now.

Just follow all the steps — one by one. If something is unclear or you have some additional questions, feel free to drop a comment below.


Imagine that you are driving your car on a dark road. To get home safe, you don’t need to see the entire path. It’s enough for you to see only 50-100 meters behind you.

Don’t look at how big the whole path is. Take attention only on your next tasks.

If my guide is going to be helpful for you, I would be grateful if you’d use my links to sign up. The company that you will sign up for will give me a small commission at no extra cost for you. It’s a win-win.

For you: You will get better prices and conditions for the hosting and me it’s a minor form of saying thank you for the effort I made by creating this guide.

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Step 0. Start with your why.

The first question that you need to ask yourself is why you want to start blogging?

To help others?

If you want really to succeed, then put your audience in the first place. Think about how you can serve them, how you can solve their pains and how you can make their life better after they read your articles. Think about them first and they will think about you later.


Another reason why many bloggers start to write and to create an audience around them is that they want to make new connections. Along with this journey, you will meet a lot of nice people who will change your life. The way you are acting, the way you are thinking. I think this should be one of your main reason why you need to start blogging.

To promote your services?

If you are working as a freelancer, you can use your blog as a marketing platform. You can use your blog to obtain big and exciting clients. By having a blog, you will look like an expert, and this will increase your value in front of your competitors. These clients will trust you more than your competitors.

If obtaining more clients is essential to you, then pay more attention to your about page, services, and contact page.

To earn additional income?

I specially put this reason in the last place. The less attention you pay to the money part, the more you will earn from blogging. If money is your last reason to start a blog, you will concentrate all your attention on creating quality content. If you put money in the first row, you will create content to earn some additional cash, and your audience will feel that. You will not recommend products that are useful; you will recommend products that will pay you a higher commission. Please don’t do that.

My reason why I started blogging is that in the last 12 years I worked as a web designer and I want to share with others all my skills and experience that I have gained among these years.

I’m a big fan of Gary Vaynerchuk, and he speaks in each of his videos that you need to create an audience around you. When I started to do that, I saw how complicated it is. I was thinking that my experience may be useful to others who are just starting their first blog in 2019.

When I was reading other bloggers income who earns $100-200k per month, I was thinking that I’m too far away from them and nowadays is impossible to start blogging and to obtain the same results as they have. I’m pretty sure that a few years ago when they started, they had the same thoughts. I thought I missed my chance.

The reality is that there is room for everyone. We all are different. Even if there are a lot of articles on the same topic that you want to write about, there isn’t your voice. You will explain in another way with different words and maybe your article will be a game changer for someone.

 Do not compare your beginnings with someone midst. 

I created this blog to experiment with different methods and to share with you what works and what not. I thought that my experience could be useful for others who are just starting their first blog in 2019. Let’s get started!

Step1: How To Choose A Blogging Niche For Your New Blog

If you are serious about making money from blogging then this is the most important step for building a profitable blog.

Think of something you love talking about, something you are passionate about and able to write articles on it.

So decide an interesting topic to discuss with your audience

Some of the popular blog niches are Travel, Lifestyle, Technology, Heath and fitness, Personal Finance, Art, Parenting, etc.

For example – If interested in traveling, you can build a travel blog about budget trips, must have places, the best food places, etc.

So, take out your notebook, decide a topic for your blog and write it down.

To make money from your blog you should be able to provide valuable content to your readers. for more

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Step 2. Who will be your reader?

After you decided with your niche, you need to know more about your target-reader. It will be a lot easier for you to speak with someone if you know a lot of details about that person. Create an imaginary character and describe it as detailed as you can.

You can start with the questions below:

  • Is it a male or female or maybe you are writing for pairs?
  • How old are they? What is their age?
  • Do they have a job?
  •  How much do they earn?
  • What kind of lifestyle do they have? How is their life looking?
  • What struggles might they have when it comes to the topic you’re writing about?
  • What type of language is he/she using? Is he/she more formal? Or casual?
  • What social media platforms do they use? How often? In what part of the day do they spend the most time scrolling through social media?
  • What will you try to do to improve their life?
  • How can you make their situation better?

I think you found some blogs on the internet where you read different articles, and you felt that the author of this blog was in your head. He knows what struggles and questions you have all the time.

If you want your audience to have the same experience, then it’s time to think about creating your reader avatar. Please don’t skip this step. It’s more important than you may think.

Step 3. choose  platform  for blogging?

As you can observe, almost all bloggers are using WordPress. There are and other excellent content management systems on the market, but not for blogging WordPress has tons of plugins, and with them, you can add all the functions that you might need.

Be careful not to mess up with

The main difference between them is who will host your website and how many functions you will have.

All the professional bloggers choose only because your website is on your hosting and you have all the controls on it.

If you are using other hosting companies that don’t have easy WordPress install, you need to download the archive from WordPress, to extract files and to upload all of them on your hosting. After that, you need to create a database on your hosting, a user for it, to make a connection between the user and database and finally to start the WordPress installation.

Too complicated? It sounds like that, but not in our case with A2 hosting It has a very easy WordPress installation in only one click. This is one more reason why new bloggers appreciate A2 Hosting so much. You will convince yourself in the next steps.

Step 2: Picking Up A Perfect Domain Name

How to Start Blogging in 2019

Now when you have decided a niche for your blog and you know what you are going to blog about, the next step is to find a perfect domain name for your blog.

Here are some tips to choose a domain name.

  • It should be easy to remember
  • Don’t use mispelled words, numbers and hyphens in it
  • Easy to type
  • Keep it short
  • The domain name should be related to your niche
  • Select a .com domain
  • You can use your name as well if you can’t decide as of now.
  • You can book domain names from GoDaddy(recommended),, NameCheap(recommended), are the top companies to register a domain name for your blog.
  • GoDaddy domain name suggestion

Step 3. Invest in a reliable hosting company

Please, please, please, forget about free hosting. You will go nowhere with them. They have tons of ads, they are going down very often, you have a lot of restrictions, and nobody will take you seriously when they see that you can’t afford to pay at least Rs 5000 per year on the hosting and domain name.

Choose a stable hosting company in what you can trust. You will not be pleased to save a few bucks a year by choosing a cheap company and observing that your website very often goes down. You will invest a lot of time, effort and money on creating content & marketing your website and when visitors come to your blog, it will be offline.

It’s like when you invite your friends to come over and when they are in front of your door, and they find out that nobody is home. It wouldn’t feel very nice, wouldn’t it?

You need a solid company that can guarantee you a good uptime. This is one of the reasons why many bloggers using A2 hosting because they guarantee a great uptime.


 click this link to open A2 hosting in another tab.  

Sometime, this page may look a bit different because A2 hosting often experiments to improve their services, but you will find all the time this green button It’s all we would need from this page.

Choose the right package:

  • click the get started

If you plan to own and launch only one website, then the “Basic plan” will be more than enough for you. If you plan to launch multiple websites, then go with the “Plus” package.

Personally, I have only one website, and I chose the basic package.

  • click and select option I will my existing domain and update name server

After selecting the plan you just need to select above option (I will use my existing domain and updated nameservers) if you have an existing domain, in your case you have just booked your domain name in the above steps

  • select your plan

After this step, you need to fill all the personal infomation. do final payment


Now you finally have an A2 hosting

Once you have completed your order you will receive the payment confirmation email with Cpanel Login Details and Nameservers details.

You are in a step away from your WordPress installation. You need to choose a simple theme for now (You will change it later on your own).

Step 4. Install WordPress.

Welcome Screen.

After doing all these steps, you should see a screen like that:

You may ask what to choose, Business or Personal. Choose what fits best for you for now. You can modify it later.

You are done!

Congratulations! Now you are done with the installation of WordPress. How easy was that? Only one click.

As you can see, your site right now is displaying a “Coming Soon” page. After you set up your blog, you can press the “Launch” button and make it finally public.

Step 5. Pick-Up a theme? Not yet.

if you are New on WordPress and you don”t know how to install word press theme follow the simple steps

first, go WordPress dashboard and click appearance ( theme)

if you any problem you can check here

Step 6. Setup correctly your blog

Plugins that I recommend to install:

Yoast SEO – I think that this is the most important plugin that you must to go with. It will help you to see if your post is well optimized for search engines, you will can to insert here the meta description for Google, and it will create for you the XML sitemap file.

Akismet – You will have almost no traffic on your blog, but you will start to receive a lot of spam comments. You will spend all days to delete these comments. Akismet will do all these works for you. It will block all spammy comments.

Insert Headers and Footers – You will want to add different pieces of code to add Google Analytics or Google Adsense on your website. I recommend using this plugin to add everything you need in your header or footer.

Pretty Links – If you will want to earn money with affiliate marketing or you want to shorten your URLs from your blog, then this plugin is a must.

Contact Form 7 – If you plan to add some contact forms on your website, then this plugin is a must for you.

Don’t be tempted to add tons of plugins because it will slow down the loading time of your page. After a while, if you see that you don’t use some of the plugins, it will be better to delete them.

Don’t know how to install plugins?

From the sidebar, hover the mouse on the plugin section and from the dropdown that will appear, choose “Add new”. After that type the plugin’s name and hit enter. After a successful installation, don’t forget to activate this plugin.

Create Additional Pages.

Besides the homepage, you need to create from the beginning all the essential pages: About, contacts and services (if you plan to get new clients from your freelance work).

About page:

If you write quality content, people will want to know who is behind this page. Try to describe who is behind this website, how can you be useful, why did you create this page? For who is this blog and how you can help them.


If you want to gain more clients from your blog, then you need to include the service page as well, where you will tell me about all the services that you are offering. Put some examples of your latest works, and it will be great if you can include there and the pricing for your services to filter the potential clients that are not in your price range.

Contact page:

If the visitor will like the content you create and the about page, there is a high chance that he will want to contact you. Make a nice contact page and make sure that your contact form is working all the time. I found many times that on the contact page, very often the submit form didn’t work properly.

Step 7: Create an editorial calendar.

After you installed WordPress, set up your blog, created the essential pages, it’s time to start thinking about the content that you will publish on your blog.

I will suggest to leave your computer, to take a pen and paper and brainstorm about topics that you can write about on your blog.

If you didn’t skip the first step, and you created the reader avatar, start thinking about what topics you need to create content. What content will you publish, how often?

Group these ideas in categories, and start to write on those topics. The most important here is to write consistent and to create quality content. When you are writing a blog post, think from the beginning what problem you will solve to your reader, how the reader’s situation will change after he/she will read your article.

Create a new calendar (I’m using Google Calendar) and plan in what day, what type of content you will publish on the blog. Keep in mind that besides actual article writing, you need to proofread it, to correct all the grammar mistakes, to think about best titles, SEO description and to create graphics for the articles and social media. So, you need to have in reserve one-two days ahead. If you plan to publish the article on Wednesday, you need to have it written by Monday.

You may be tempted to start to write a lot of average content to fill up your blog with content. Please don’t do that. You will ruin your first impression. It’s better to have two excellent articles that twenty poor articles which nobody will read them.

Step 8. Start to write content for your blog

In the beginning, you will need at least 10 pieces of content (more = better) to start promoting them on Pinterest. (For each article, we will create at least five different (images) pins, with a different design and a different description. (You will have 50 pins to upload on Pinterest). If you really want to make Pinterest bring traffic to your blog, then

After writing these 10 articles, I will recommend spending time on creating content only 1/3 of your time and 2/3 on actually promoting them. It doesn’t matter how good articles you will write if nobody will know about their existence.

I was doing this mistake by myself in the beginning. I wrote a few posts, and I wondered why nobody is reading them.

Don’t repeat my mistakes. After you have a few pieces of content, start intensively to promote them.

Step 9. Create social media profiles.

How to Start Blogging in 2019

My suggestion to you there will be to create a profile for all the major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest just to save your username. After doing that, choose one or two and be active only on them.

I will suggest you for the beginning to start with Pinterest (you need to create a business account) because for the majority of niches it’s easier to start even if you just created a brand new account. If you have spare time, you can also try Twitter.

Later when you have a virtual assistant, you can start to be active and on the rest of the social media platforms that your audience is using.

I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.

Step 11. Driving traffic to your blog.

How to Start Blogging in 2019

Now you have two strategies. Focus on Search Engine Optimization or to a social media audience.

As I said, I will suggest starting with social media, in particular with Pinterest because you can see your first results from your first month. If you choose to gain traffic only from search engines, you will need 7-12 months to gain trust from Google and to start ranking. So, my suggestion is to start with Pinterest but keep in mind Search Engines Optimization.

Even if you are overwhelmed, find some time to post something new on your social network. Even when I’m full of work, I’m taking my phone or iPad, and I post something new. If you see that you don’t have enough time, think about investing in a scheduler. If you plan to use Pinterest, then Tailwind is a must for you. It will do all the hard work for you.

I like the idea that if a task can be automated, then you are obligated to automate it and to free up your space for solving other tasks.

Step 12. connect to people

You can’t succeed if you will go alone on this trip. You need to find others who are in the same situation as you are and to start connecting with them.

Don’t look at your competitors as an enemy. Look at them as friends. You will encourage each other, if you struggle with something, you can ask for their advice.

How to connect with them? Start commenting on their blogs, be active on their social media, ask them something on the email.

Another possibility to make new connections is to join blogging communities on Facebook. Choose some bloggers that you like, and there is a high probability that they already had some popular groups.

The majority of the groups, usually have a day in the week when they share their websites. This is a great chance to promote your brand new website.

Try to be useful there. Try to help others and others will help you. You will achieve your goals quicker if you go hand on hand with your competitors.

Even you will be a successful blogger, keep to be active in these groups. Help other new bloggers as others helped you in your beginning.

Step 13. Email marketing.

After you will receive your first 100-500 visitors to your brand new blog and you will see that your marketing methods are working – it’s time to start thinking about building your email list. Work on creating a lead magnet put a collect form in the middle and at the end of the article and start building your email base.

The majority of newbies are ignoring email marketing. This is a big mistake. If you check some interviews from the popular experts from series “If I will start right now from scratch, what mistakes I would like to avoid?” you will find that all of them will tell you that they needed to collect emails earlier.

So, pay attention to their advice and don’t make the same mistakes.

You need to start building your email list right now.

Step 14: Be patient.

As I said earlier, blogging isn’t a quick rich scheme. You need to have a lot of patience to see your first results: firsts visitors, first shares, firsts comments, firsts dollars earned from your blog.

You will work every day on your blog, but you will see your first results only after a few months. Your main goal for the beginning is to completely ignore the numbers from google analytics and just to follow your plan. Concentrate all your energy into creating qualitative content. If you are persistent enough, your success will come.

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Step 15. Monetization

When to monetize your blog?

Forget about that at the moment. I spent an entire week to decide how I will monetize my blog and what is the best ad paying platform for beginners. I had 0 traffic at that moment.

Please don’t do that. In the beginning, you will not earn at all. Even if you have a few thousands of visitors, you will earn a few dollars per month. Spend that time on creating and promoting more content.

After you have regularly a few hundreds of visits per day, you can start to think of Monetization.

In the beginning, I will suggest you concentrate only on display ads. It’s not very smart to start right now to create your course. You don’t know for sure what your reader needs. It’s a high chance that you will spend now a lot of your effort and you will have 0 sales.

After you start to earn your first money from ads, you can start to think about affiliate marketing. By doing this, you will help others to sell different stuff. After that, you will have a clear vision of what your audience likes and what are they buying. Only after that, I will suggest starting thinking about creating your products.

Keep in mind: Ads → Affiliate Marketing → Own Products.

Step 16: Analyze your results.

start your blog

You heard it a lot of times that if you want to have success, you need to be consistent. But it is not enough just to be consistent. It will not help you at all if every day you will go in the wrong direction.

Analyze your results and if you are not obtaining the results that you planned, think about changing your strategy. Your consistency will not bring you to the goal that you want if you walk in the wrong way.

Check what social network is working better for you? What type of articles gives you more engagements? What type of articles are easier for you to create? Experiment with that

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Step 17: Think of how you will spend your first money.

I know that it is very important to re-invest your money into your business if you want it to grow.

But from the beginning, I will suggest you celebrate and to spend your first money. Even if you earned only $10, order a pizza and celebrate the first money that you made online from your blog. You need to feel this money.


If you planning to start blogging, start with answering the question why do you want to become a blogger and how bad do you want that? Do you plan to blog for the soul? Then you can make everything you want. There are not too many rules. If you want to make a living from that, look at your blog like a business.

You need to set-up goals and to achieve them. You need to decide on what topics you will write and how would your ideal reader look like. Describe him in as many details as you can and create content that will engage your reader.

Concentrate at the moment only on those things that bring you closer to your goals and try to work every day at your blog at least for a short period.

 And remember, blogging is about your reader not about you. 

If this article was helpful for you, please help me with sharing it with your friends. Maybe it may be useful and for others.

If you created a brand new blog using this guide, I would be glad to look at your results in the comments below. Maybe I could help you with something!

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