If you are looking to find one of the easiest ways to earn cash online, you must know about the PTC world. PTC/GPT sites pay for doing pretty simple assignments, like clicking ads, watching videos, playing games.

Today I am going to throw light on one such site, called Swagbucks. Over the years Swagbucks has helped thousands of people earn a lot of cash online.

What is Swagbucks

Swagbucks is an American platform that lets people earn money by doing simple assignments. These assignments include but are not limited to surveys, tasks, video watching, web searching, etc. The site has been functioning for around a decade. It claims to have paid millions of dollars to its users. Thus making it one of the most trusted online platforms to earn.

Why is it so popular –  

1- You do not need any money to join Swagbucks, it is absolutely free to join

. 2- Anyone can join Swagbucks, no stipulations, all you need is a smartphone or laptop with an internet connection to get started.

3 – It offers gift cards to various big brands. You can also withdraw PayPal cash.

4 – It also has an app so you can also earn while traveling. You do not have to carry your laptop all the time.

One more thing before we start, instead of giving you real money, Swagbucks gives you its own currency called SB. It is nothing but points.

Do not worry you can redeem your SBs whenever you reach a certain amount. You can get PayPal cash in return or gift cards to various prominent outlets, whatever you prefer. 1 SB is almost equal to .01 dollars.

So, let us get started. Here are the ways to earn with Swagbucks –

swagbucks review

Take Swagbucks Surveys

This is the most common way to earn money with Swagbucks. First of all, you will have to complete your survey profile by answering a few questions about yourself. After completing your profile, you will get lots of surveys to complete.

These surveys give you the opportunity to earn hundreds of SBs every time you complete a survey. But the other side of the coin is, you are not going to qualify for every survey. Qualification depends on several factors, like where you are from, your occupation, your designation, etc.

But do not get discouraged.  You must try to complete as many surveys as possible. But do not be dishonest, if too many mistakes are found, you might lose all of your money and have your account terminated. Some people provide false information so as to complete more surveys. This is unacceptable.

Web Search –

It might sound a bit bizarre but you can use Swagbucks as your search engine and earn SBs. Although it is not clear, how they give SBs for searching the web. There is a search the web option on the top left corner, type whatever you want to search and you will get a few SBs in return. So there is no harm in trying out this option. It will only give a few extra SBs for doing what you do all the time.


Swagbutton can also help you earn a few SBs. But its main work is to notify you whenever there is a new opportunity available for you to take a survey, or try out a good offer. You have to install Swagbutton.

When you install Swagbutton you instantly get some SBs. So if you do not want to miss out on any opportunities to earn, make sure that you have Swagbutton installed.

Swagbucks Videos

You can watch videos to increase your earning. By doing so not only will you earn SBs, you will get a great deal of entertaining content to watch. You do not have to sit in front of your laptop to watch these videos, just play them, and you can do whatever you want to do, like cooking, doing the dishes or anything else.

Your videos will earn you SBs in the background. Try to play as many videos as possible to make more money. You can also play them on the loop.


Swagbucks has a lot of offers for you to try. If you purchase anything through Swagbucks you will earn a handsome amount of money in the form of SBs. By doing so you will kill two birds with a stone.

You will get what you want to buy, furthermore, you will get a discount or earn some SBs. So next time when you want to go shopping, make sure you look for a deal on Swagbucks. Who knows what it has in store for you.

Daily Poll

This is another way to earn SBs. The daily poll is nothing but a simple question. It has multiple answers, you have to choose the one you think is right. There are no right or wrong answers, you just have to give your opinion. Irrespective of your answer you will get 1SB. Do it first thing whenever you open Swagbucks. It is a fun way to earn.

Daily Goal

Swagbucks sets you a daily goal. If you are able to meet that goal, Swagbucks will reward you with a 10% bonus on whatever amount you earn. Assume if your goal is to acquire 40SBs in one day, and you complete that, you will get 4 extra SBs as a bonus.

It is not that bad, in fact, it will motivate you to work harder. You will have to complete several assignments like trying at least 1 survey, searching the web, installing Swagbutton, etc to accomplish your target.


Now, this is another great way to grow your earnings. Swagbucks offers a very good referral program. That is to say, it offers every Swagbucks user an affiliate link, whenever someone joins Swagbucks through your link, that becomes your referral for the lifetime.

Whenever your referral earns 300 SBs, you both will get 300 SB bonus. Moreover, you will get 10% of your referral’s earning for your entire life. Just assume if you have 100 referrals, who are active and continuously work, how much you can earn. That can swell your earnings. You will also get 100 additional SBs when your referral installs Swagbutton.

And the good thing is, that would be your passive income, unlike the abovementioned options that require to work so as to make money.

Swagbucks Tasks

Swagbucks has added tasks as well to its growing list of earning options. Earlier this option was not available. Now you can also complete tasks to make some more money. These are very simple and can be completed within a short space of time. They do not require any technical skills.

Initially, it might take you some time to understand how these tasks are solved but once you solve a few of them, you will find it much easier. That can significantly reduce the time you will take to complete them.  

In the end –

So these are the ways by which you can earn cash with Swagbucks. To be honest, no one can predict how much you will earn. It only based on how much effort you put in. But one thing is for real, if you are really serious about making money online, Swagbucks is one of the best sites you can ever find.

It is free to join, all you have to do is try it out in your spare time and whatever amount you earn, will be a bonus. So it is time to head over to Swagbucks

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