7 Reasons To Start Blogging Today

7 Reasons To Start Blogging Today

You may have seen a lot of people posting and sharing about their life journeys, personal experiences or spreading knowledge and educating about various topics online. People choose various mediums to share their thoughts, views or ideas such as videos, podcasts, blogs or images.

I picked blogging. As a full-time blogger myself I may be biased, but of course, I’m a huge fan of blogging.

It’s given me the freedom to work from anywhere in the world and because of it’s challenging nature, I’ve also developed and grown as a person.

should start a blog, too. Be In Charge Of Your Income Blogging is a great way of earning some extra income. Whether you want to eventually replace your full-time job or earn a little bit of extra income on the side, you can do this with blogging. Over the years I have had various hobbies like playing video games, creating videos and photography to name a few.

I thought blogging will be a part of this list.

It made my life change for the better.

Blogging started as a part-time hobby has now become an inseparable part of my life.

Often I have been reached out and people have asked me “Do you have to be a writer to become a blogger”.

The answer is simple, No. Trust me when I say this.

Once you start writing about something or document a personal journal. You will acquire the necessary skills.

Think about a young kid who is learning to walk and one day takes the first step and as time goes by learns how to walk. And in this process of learning to walk the young kid might have tumbled a few times. But he wins over his failure.

And I m sure you can relate to this.

But the end result is he eventually overcomes the obstacles. Similarly, when you will start writing you will face many hurdles in your path but with time and having patience you’ll conquer the odds. Here’s a list of the 8 best reasons that you 

1. multiple streams of passive income

Look, there are no guarantees in life. None whatsoever. Nobody ever said life was fair, but it’s most certainly worth it. However you slice this, blogging still is the best source to generate multiple streams of passive income. Is it super simple to earn a full-time income blogging? No, of course not. I’m not promising you that. All I’m saying is that the potential for something very big is here. Why? Because a blog with a decent amount of relevant traffic can easily be leveraged for some serious income. Now, if you’re wondering what types of passive income streams you can create with a blog, there are tons.

If you want a full and complete list of these, go check out my course, 7-Figure Blog. There are tons. But the primary ways are through affiliate marketing (i.e. affiliate links), courses, ebooks, and other physical product sales. The beauty of blogging is this. Once you have a relevant and topical blog, you can sell just about anything in that niche. I’m not saying that getting there is simple.

It’s not. And this is no promise of any income. In fact, most people who start up a blog (or any other money making course or system for that matter) fail because they don’t follow through. You see, you can likely make money hand over fist in any endeavor as long as you stick it out for long enough that it matters and you start making a real and lasting impact. 

2. To live a location-independent lifestyle

One of the major reasons that most people start a blog is so that they can live a location-free lifestyle. You can live anywhere as a blogger. And you can make a great income to add to that. But, if you’re like me and you’re a serious wanderlust at heart (hint, hint at the name of this blog) then this is likely for you. The beauty is that even if you’re just starting out, you can find a place, somewhere in the world, where it’s inexpensive to live and still have enough money to enjoy life to its fullest.

This is great for digital nomads who just want to roam free and travel the world and go to all types of places. If you’re fed up with the whole consumerism that’s so prevalent in North America, then by starting a blog, you can break free from all of that. You can go to places like Chiang Mai or Bangkok, Bulgaria, Portugal, South America or any other place that has a low cost-of-living in order to get by in the beginning. 

3. Become Your Own Boss

Many of us dream about doing our own thing, being in charge of our income and being your own boss. Blogging enables all of this. 

Like I described before, you can make as much money as you want, put in as many hours as you want, and travel the world if you want. 

When you are your own boss, you’ll also grow and progress  as a person.

Every one of us has our own strengths and weaknesses, and working for yourself brings out many of these traits in us.

You’ll learn a lot about yourself as a person, and if you want to push new boundaries, you’re also going to be challenging some of your previous conceptions

4. To make deals come your way in any industry

Here’s one of the beauties of starting a blog. Deals come your way. For example, every single week I have so many people sending me deals left and right. They want to work together. They want to collaborate. That doesn’t happen normally. But when you build authority, in that you provide real value to the world, something extraordinary happens. And that can only truly happen through mediums like blogging or vlogging with a real intention to help others.

Now, you can’t start a blog with the intention of only making money. Sure, you can make money. But you also have to have a bit of passion inside of you for whatever industry or niche you enter. For me, I’ve always had this burning desire to help others, even as a little kid. So that’s where it comes from. Now, that doesn’t mean I won’t shy away from the money-making aspect of it. I think it’s brilliant, in fact. But my intentions are genuine. 

5. Learning new skills

When you start a new blog you will face challenges. To overcome the challenges, you will acquire new skills.

Through blogging, you can learn new things on a regular basis.

By facing problems you will gain mental toughness and develop strong willpower to learn more. When we start learning new skills and as time goes by you become good at them. You get the feeling of achievement.

By starting your blog you can learn technical skills such as

  1. Promoting yourself online
  2. Maintaining social media
  3. Designing
  4. WordPress
  5. HTML and CSS

These are only a few technical skills just to name a few. With the help of these skills, you open the door to endless career opportunities.

Also, in this adventure, you will discover a lot of new things about you.

6. To help you create authority

Whenever you help others, they look at you as the authority. It’s all about the power of reciprocity (which I talk a lot about in my Business Secrets Podcast). What is reciprocity? It’s the act of giving to others who then feel inclined to give you something back because you provided them with an enormous amount of value.

That’s very powerful stuff and you need to understand it and grab hold of the it.No matter whether you’re an author, coach, consultant, plumber, lawyer or anything else for that matter, by blogging and delivering real value, you create authority through reciprocity.

Your authority skyrockets. You become the source that most people turn to in your industry or niche. It’s the simple and very powerful truth of just how it works. In fact, some bloggers become rockstars in their niche. Not only do they generate crazy authority, but also millions, to tens of millions, of dollars in the process. 

7. To convey your story and journey to others

Look, here’s the thing that most people don’t understand about business. The truth is this. People don’t buy things based on logic. They buy based on emotions. Then, they justify with logic. And how is that they get emotional enough to buy? Through the vehicle of a story. That’s why a blog is so great. You can use it to tell stories and create epiphanies in the minds of your audience, getting them to ethically buy whatever it is that you’re peddling.

It works. It’s also a great creative outlet to put your stories in front of a massive audience. Sure, it’s hard to build traffic in the beginning. But, over time, that traffic comes in massive boatloads as long as you don’t give up and you don’t relent. So if you’re sitting on the fence still, don’t second guess it anymore. There are plenty of reasons to start a blog today, these are just some of the most powerful ones. Stop thinking. And start taking action.

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