25 great ways to make extra money with zero investment

These are the best way extra money without investment? Here are 25 ways for anyone willing to put in extra efforts can make money in these ways a person work can be performed on weekends

When it comes down to earning extra cash over a weekend, opportunities are endless. The best part is – time flexibility, excellent earning potential with no upfront capital involved and everybody can do it.

Whether you are a homemaker, student or man doing a corporate job, or stay-at-home parent, the potential to earn extra cash over a weekend do exists.

So, let’s see what are the options to earn extra money without investment over the weekend exists for an individual.

start a part-time internship

start intership

If you have some time that you can carve out, be it in the summer or over regular days, taking an internship is a dual-benefit option. Not only do you get the option of earning extra cash but you also get a wealth of experience as the best training really happens on the job. However, an internship would require a disciplined commitment from you to make the best out of the opportunity. While there are some internships out there where companies expect to get free work, there are quite a few options out there with varying levels of stipends that you can look to earn. Start your process by checking out details on 9 great portals listing available internships.

Cptcha solving jobs 

capcha solve jobs

 Captcha solving jobs is also a good way to earn some money. I would like to make one thing clear, captchas solving jobs are not very high paying jobs. But you can surely make use of your spare time if you like typing work. If your typing speed is good then you can increase good money. You can check the list of

Some of the best captcha solving job sites are





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Declutter the house to sell unwanted items

25 ways to earn money
image source junk frog

Look around yourself. I bet you can find at least five things at first glance which you might not have used in the last 6 months. Follow this exercise as you walk slowly around the house, separating things that have been unused for a long period. As the declutter guru Marie Kondo says in her Konmari method, ask yourself for every item, “Does this spark joy?”. Once you have a list as a result of the process of decluttering, start listing some sale websites like OLX and Quikr. You will be surprised to see how quickly they get sold and how much extra money you could earn.

Sell Photographs, Images, Video Clips

25 great ways to make extra money from in 2019

Digital images and video clips are sold daily online today. There are tons of free and paid websites offering high-quality photos as well as video footage for personal & professional use.

If one has the right hands-on photography, they can put up photos to inventory picture websites and turn them into money Sites like shutterstock.com can be an excellent place to start.

Not only images and video footage, but one can also make and sell animation videos, vector graphics and illustrations to these websites to earn cash.

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Virtual assistant

25 great ways to make extra money from in 2019

With the advent of technology, working remotely through digital means across the world is now a commonly accepted practice. A lot of people, strapped for time, are now opting to outsource work that they can delegate to virtual assistants, literally anywhere in the world. Some common tasks outsourced to virtual assistants include database entry, putting written posts into blogging drafts, bookkeeping, invoicing, managing calendar, scheduling social media posts, website maintenance, etc. If you are digitally savvy and aware of the execution of tasks mentioned by the role in question, this could be a great option especially since most of the time it benefits from some appreciation, thanks to currency conversion. Sign up for one of the sites listed in this article to get started on earning extra cash by being a virtual assistant.

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25 great ways to make extra money from in 2019

– Talk about online earning, and blogging is an obvious choice. To be honest, blogging is the best and the most trusted way to earn money online. People are earning tons of money with blogging. More and more people are taking to blogging of late. 

Blogging is nothing but sharing your passion through words with others. If you have a passion for writing then this one is for you. There are two types of blogs, free blogs, and paid blogs. I recommend you start with a free blog. It will help you get the feel of blogging. Later on, you can transfer your free blog to a self-hosted blogging platform. 

Although it takes a while for a blog to start earning money, once you have a well-established blog which is getting lots of visitors every day, you can fully rely on your blog to earn money. Some of the

best blogging platforms are







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Dividend Income from Mutual Funds

25 great ways to make extra money from in 2019

As an investor, how can I forget the dividend income?

Yes I know it isn’t related to weekends, but if you have a full-time job, you may not find time to research about mutual funds on weekdays, and so one can use weekends to find better performing mutual funds and invest in them for dividend income. I do it this way.

The best part is, even if you don’t have a large sum of money or extra house to rent out, you can still start investing in dividend mutual fund with as low as Rs. 1000 per month. Again this will not drive a lot of income initially, but as the corpus builds over time, one can expect good returns only from the dividend.

Again, the added advantage of investing is, you cultivate the habit of early-investing.

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Accounting and Bookkeeping

25 great ways to make extra money from in 2019

If one knows about accounting and bookkeeping, many small businesses or home societies hire accountants for accounting.

Accounting software does everything. All one needs is basic math skills, computer literacy, typing skills and little understanding of income and expenses.

Modern accounting and bookkeeping software are easy to operate compared to traditional accounting.

So providing accounting services in the locality can be considered a viable option to add extra money to monthly earnings.

Sign up for market research

make extra money in 2019

Most large brands have interaction in market research where they desire to meet actual users and buyers of the product in question. In exchange for the liberty to have your brains picked, you are compensated with both a purchasing voucher or money. You can easily sign up as a market research respondent by answering a few basic questions like gender, age, salary, and education. As a suitable opportunity comes up, the research agency will get in touch with you and you could choose to be a part of it.

Earn with PTC/GPT sites 

25 great ways to make extra money from in 2019

People often underestimate this method, calling these sites scams. Some of them who try, find it difficult to make any meaningful income with these sites, so quitting soon. 

What they do not know is it could be one of the easiest means to earn a huge passive income, if managed properly. The reason I am calling it the easiest because you get paid for doing very simple assignments. If you have no technical knowledge then this one could be the right option for you. 

You get paid for taking surveys, doing the simplest of tasks and through their referral programs. It can’t get any better than this. If you are still not satisfied then read. Some of the best sites are 



Create a youtube channel 

25 great ways to make extra money from in 2019

– Do you know about youtube? just kidding. In this era of the internet who would not know about this platform. Ever since its advent, youtube has revolutionized this world of internet. We all love spending some time on our favorite video watching service. 

After all, it has a lot of great content to share. From comedy to educational videos, it has just about everything to offer. But, that is not what we are going to talk about. Today youtube has become a great source of earning money online easily. All you have to do is create a youtube channel. Then make a video and upload it on your youtube channel. 

If your video has great content, has the power to attract viewers, you have every reason to earn a lot of cash with youtube. There are several individuals who have turned youtube into a full-time job. You don’t even need a camera to start with, initially, you can use your smartphone to make videos. All that matters is eye-catching content. 

Offline Tutoring Service

 Offline Tutoring Service

We have already discussed online tutoring above. But there is a life beyond the online world.

Offline tutoring jobs have the same potential as online. The tuition fees vary from subject to subject, and it’s even different in metro and urban Indian cities.

For example, in Mumbai, the tuition fees for 6th to 8th grade is somewhere between Rs. 700 to 1000 per subject monthly. Whereas for higher classes like the 10th and 12th it is even higher.

The price will not only vary depending from one city to another but also from one locality to another. Still, a tutor teaching on the weekends can earn in the range of Rs.5K to 20K monthly

Work as an Interpreter

 Work as an Interpreter
Translator Qualifications

 – Again much like translation, interpretation jobs are for those who have good command over two or more than two languages. The only difference between the two professions is that an interpreter translates the oral form of the language instead of the written form. An interpreter must be a good listener. 

Languages like Mandarin, Spanish, French, German are in high demand. Due to globalization, this demand is only expected to go up in the coming years. You can find work as an over the phone interpreter. There are several organizations that provide interpretation services. Find the one you like.

Online teaching

25 great ways to make extra money from in 2019

 – If you love teaching. If you are well versed in any subject, have the experience of teaching, Then online teaching could be a great option for you. Unlike a classroom, you would be teaching students online from around the world. You would decide on your schedules. 

You must be good at imparting knowledge to others. The demand for online teachers is at an all-time high. More teachers than ever are taking a liking to online teaching due to its flexibility.

You can choose the site like,




and My Tutor 24.

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Become a writer

25 great ways to make extra money from in 2019

 – Writing is one of the most popular mediums to earn money online right from the comfort of your home. If you love playing with words then just get started. You do not have to use a pen and paper. All you need is a laptop/pc with internet. You can choose what you want to write when you want to write, where you want to write, who you want to write for. 

You can write about sports, animals, the environment, education, entertainment, etc. It sounds too good. But the other side of the coin is the initial stage might be a tough one for the beginners. So if you can brave this, there is nothing better than writing.

Best websites for you to get started are






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Work as a Transcriptionist

 – This job is for those who are quite good at listening. In this job, you have to listen to an audio file and type it. You need little to no experience to start your career as a transcriptionist. Needless to say the more experienced you are, the more you will earn. You might be asked to type a letter or a lengthy article and get paid accordingly.

Nowadays more and more companies hiring home based transcriptionists, since they have to pay a lesser amount. So it is a win-win situation for both . TranscribeMe.com is one of the leading companies to get your career off the ground.

Websites Developer

25 great ways to make extra money from in 2019

 – Small or big, just about every business knows the importance of a website today. But unfortunately, not everyone is capable of creating a website. This is where you can play a huge role if you know how to develop a website.

Website developers are in huge demand today thanks to the expansion of the internet. You can also jump into this sea of opportunities and earn money from your home. But as I mentioned working with programming languages like HTML, CSS, etc is essential to succeed. 

Watch videos 

25 great ways to make extra money from in 2019

 This one seems to be quite exciting. But you can also earn some extra bucks by doing what most of us do day in day out. We love watching videos on our smartphones. There are various apps and sites that pay you for watching their content. They offer you videos ranging from entertainment to app trailers etc. You just have to watch them and you will get paid. 

Renting Extra Space on Airbnb India

images source techcrunch

An extra room or an empty house can be a good way to earn rental income. The Airbnb homestay where travelers book a registered rental space for a day or two on fix charges.

Register on Airbnb India, upload the free space pictures, list amenities, set rules and done. Travelers will find the rental listing and book online.

The best part is one doesn’t need to search for customers. Nor do they need to spend money on advertising the listings.

For example, when I searched for a 24-hour stay in Surat city, I got 17 rented property listed along with a private room in a tent house. The charges started from 700 to 6000 per night including flats, bungalows and heritage farms.


25 great ways to make extra money from in 2019

  Know more than one language? then what are you waiting for? become a translator. A translator translates written words from one language into another.  His work ranges from translating a simple article to translating a whole book. Just translating words is not enough, you must know the art of rendering ideas as well. 

If you have good knowledge of languages like Spanish, French, Chinese Mandarin, German, Korean along with English you can easily find a job. But a passion for languages is essential in order to succeed in this profession.

Some top sites to work as a translator are 





Besides you can find this work on the above-mentioned freelancing websites as well.

Use your skill to freelance

We all have a special skill in us, that separates us from the rest. It could be writing, photography, video editing, designing, etc. So find the one that makes you so special, do not hide it anymore, bring it out, and put it to use. It can change your life for the better. I am talking about freelancing. 
A freelancer is a self-employed individual who works for a multitude of companies simultaneously instead of working for a single company. He can decide his schedule, the amount of work he wants to do, the number of clients he wants to work for, and virtually everything. That is to say, he has the luxury to work on his own terms.

 Although, due to the increasing unemployment rate lots of people are working as freelancers, thus intensifying the competition. But if you excel at any activity, no one can prevent you from getting a good amount of work. These are some of the

  • best freelancing sites for you to get going –
  • Fiverr, 
  • Guru, 
  • Freelancer, 
  • 99designs,
  • and Toptal.   

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Fill online surveys

make extra money in 2019

Traditionally, market research has been all about gathering people in one place, showing them some stimulus or just asking them in-depth questions. While offline research will pay you more, you could also see With online survey websites, you are location independent and could participate in researches across the world, sitting in the comfort of your home. The only catch is that you might need to answer quite a few in order to earn a substantial amount of money.

You could start by trying what seems to be more in your alley or give a shot to more than one and see what suits you more. Soon enough, earning extra money might become one of those unconscious good habits

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Affiliate Marketing 

25 great ways to make extra money from in 2019

 Affiliate marketing is one of the best businesses to earn money online. If you really want to earn online then you simply can not ignore the potential of affiliate marketing. All you have to do is tie up with brands like Amazon and sell their products through your websites or blogs. When someone makes a purchase using a link placed on site or blog you will earn a commission. 

Earning depends on the popularity of your platforms. Suppose you have a blog that is visited by lakhs of people you can earn an unimaginable amount of money. Just sign up with some big platforms and start earning.

Although there are tons of other options as well to earn money easily from your home and this list can never end, these were some of the best options I know. You can choose whichever you like. Earning depends on several factors like your experience, your skill level, the type of work you specialize in and many more.

So now the ball is in your court. It is up to you what you want to do and how much you want to earn. But on one thing you must agree with me, there is no shortage of work if you are eager to earn money online. So get started right away

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