18 Best earning Freelancing Jobs in 2019

Freelancing is one the best way to start to make money online and make a living but it’s hard to figure out which services are in demand and make the most money. Freelancing is a creative and widespread field adopted by millions of people who prefer to work from home. if you want to utilize your skills for a sustainable business, a stay at home I say go ahead!
There is nothing wrong to make some extra cash to maintain financial stability. With every rising day, there are various online freelance projects available for job seekers.
That’s why I have researched and brought to you 18 of the most profitable freelancing jobs that are in high demand.


18 Most Profitable Freelancing Jobs in 2019

today all online  entrepreneurs and ECommerce companies have social media accounts and profiles
Who doesn’t own a social media presence in this era of the digital world?

for earning more you Have to the knowledge of the latest social media strategies. and how to implement those strategies perfectly. Have a better understanding of automation tools. Manage social media pages and accounts. Should have excellent communication skills. Study analytics of the posts etc. Deal with audience engagement. Should be creative to curate content for social media posts. If

you consider keeping social media accounts is your nature of specialization then this is good for you. Depending on the freelancer’s experience, he/she can actually make more than $30/hour.

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#2- Photoshop Editing

18 Most Profitable Freelancing Jobs in 2019

This is one of the biggest industries on Fiverr as it covers a lot of things such as background removal, photo resizing, photo editing and many more. There are thousands of Orders given on Fiverr in the photoshop industry daily as it is really popular and people who are not even in business wants some Photoshop things to be done.

I have seen several gigs such as photoshopping with celebrities, Photoshop text messages, and many more wichs are really easy and fun gigs on Fiverr. If you have basic skills with Photoshop then you can easily put up and add on Fiverr and start making money.


There are literally more written content publishing each month when there are people using the internet. With this kind of hype around written content, you can quickly start to make money with Fiverr as Fiverr is an ideal place for all the business owners to find content writers on. There are people with thousands of orders on their writing gigs with prices ranging from $10 to all the way up to $100.

If you have good writing skills and would love to make money using it then Fiverr is an ideal place to go to and work with other business owners. There are also dedicated companies who offer writing jobs who would pay more but you might find more orders on Fiverr

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18 Most Profitable Freelancing Jobs in 2019

Freelance Marketing has one of the highest-paying jobs. If a proficient marketer has appropriate experience in the industry then there’s the never-ending scope of new projects. Clients hire marketers to formulate brand strategies, creating successful campaigns and managing relationships with clients.

The marketers are asked to implement a productive marketing system to meet the client’s marketing needs. Jobs like marketing manager, project manager, and marketing coordinator can help freelancers earn more than $42 per hour

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#5- Video Editing

18 Most Profitable Freelancing Jobs in 2019

Video editing requires you to have a lot of creativity and imagination interesting and entertaining videos. If you love to edit videos and have the skills to create interesting videos you can try your hand in video editing and work for companies as a freelancer from your home.If you manage to make videos that the customers like then you might find a full-time job as a video editor in companies and businesses.

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#6- SEO

18 best idea Freelancing Jobs in 2019

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation which deals with a ranking blog post on Google and videos on YouTube.There is an enormous chase between a lot of bloggers to be on the first page on Google which makes SEO a high priority for all the bloggers. If you know SEO or if you wish to learn the skills of SEO you can easily make thousands of dollars bye by offering SEO Services to bloggers and ranking their blog post on page 1 of Google.

The benefit of offering SEO Services is SEO is not a one and done deal it is a continuous process and even when the blog post is on the first page you need to still be working on it to keep it on page one, therefore,

you will be making money even after month after month from the same customer. There is a lot of free content related to SEO which can help you learn SEO and work with people to make money.


Nowadays Self-publishing has enhanced demand in freelance editors or proofreaders. Jobs like copy editors and proofreaders feature an estimated earning of $20 – $40 hourly. What do you need to have?

  • Editing Skills
  • Few editing jobs under your belt
  • Good proofreading speed
  • Samples for clients
  • A reference from a writer is a plus

You can even now apply for a freelance copy-editor if you are a starter. Make sure, you have been taught by a mentor or have taken editing classes before.

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#8- Voice Over

This is a really fun way to make money just by reading lines that you have already given by the customers. All you have to do is read the lines perfectly without any mistakes and with a good tone and record it. Business is often used Voice over artist to do a voice over for their Ads for any video related content so that they could use it in their commercials or whenever they want.

They are often ready to pay a big pack to get commercial rights so it is a really good way to make money. It is an excellent step-by-step process that you can follow if you want to make money as a Voice over artist.


reason to start blogging

every blogger needs fresh content for their blog post so they hire freelancers to handle the work relating to their blog post work. Blog posting comes up with the content, insert images, mention tags and titles. It’s an easy job for stay-at-home dads and moms too. It can be done within minutes. Freelancers at home can earn additional income by spending an hour. Isn’t that great?

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#10- Logo Making

It is one of the hottest gigs on Fiverr as it is cheap and has a lot of demand for it. There are a lot of free tools that you can use to create logos for any business and then sell it to the customers. If you are one of those creative ones who know how to use illustrator and create logos, you can create your own logos and sell them to the business owner at a higher price.

#11- Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant is just like being an assistant but virtually. You will have to do everything that an assistant would do but sitting at your home. This is a great way to learn new things cause as a virtual assistant you will be expected to do what the business owner wants and if you are working in for some business which is new then you will learn great new things.

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#12 Website Designing

Website designing is a lot of hard work but so is the pay. I’ve seen people charging thousands of dollars to create websites for businesses and even after the website is done they keep on making money as the business owners want some minor changes and they have to pay for it. Learning to create a website from scratch is a really hard process but nowadays there are a lot of page builders like Divi or Xtheme which can easily build websites just by drag and drop elements.

They even have unlimited usage so you can create as many websites as you want with them so you don’t have to buy them every time you want to use it which makes it a really good investment if you want to start a website designing business.

#13- ADs Designing

For this, you will need to have a creative mind, good communication, and knowledge of adobe creative suite which consists of Photoshop, Illustrator, and premier.AD designers can make up to 100$ per ad or even more if the ads are good enough. To get started you can post your jobs on Fiverr or Upwork or get faster results you can even approach small online businesses to give them your offer.

#14- Graphics Designing

Graphic designing requires the creative side of your brain to work as hard as it is good to produce great results. As of now most of the graphic designers make a lot of money creating thumbnails for YouTube, cover for Facebook groups and personal pages as people want to grow on this platform are more than they were ever before. This makes it a golden opportunity for anyone who wants to try their hand in graphic designing and create thumbnails for YouTube for any other stuff like someone’s sketch, t-shirt designs, poster designing and many more

#15- Chatbots

This is a new trend in business websites to setup chatbots that will guide or interact with users as soon as they visit their webpage. I have even seen a lot of bloggers have also started to hop on to this trend. Setting up chatbots is a fairly easy task and people are paying big bucks for it just because it’s a lot time-consuming. There are a lot of people on Fiverr offering to setup chatbots for 100s of Dollars and have a lot of others. You can easily learn how to setup chatbots through youtube videos as there are a lot of them.

#16- Translation

It’s an easy task only for the people who are skilled in more than one language. You are expected to translate with the perfection of grammar and spelling without any errors. Most of the offers you can expect to get could be from bloggers as there are many bloggers who are expanding to non-English regions. To get started you can post your job on Fiverr and Upwork and start to make money.

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#17- Copywriting

It is a really skillful task as writing copy that sells is really difficult. If you are someone who is good at writing copies that convince people to buy products then you can easily make 1000s of Dollars. The most jobs that you will get could be Writing Emails, Writing Product Pages and etc.


Are you good at email communication? your work as a freelance email marketer to gain customer’s loyalty and trust in a business organization by capture emails for this you have to develop strong email marketing skills to sell out a product. Your job will include using emails to send business promotions, advertisements and solicit sales.  Your work will involve using emails to send business promotions, advertisements and solicit sales. Clients hire email marketers to form strategic email campaigns,

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