10 Best Demat & Trading Accounts In India 2019 {Reviews }

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for stock buying and selling shares? you need to open a demat account. If you are serious about growing your money in the future, then trading stocks is one of the best ways to do. There are lots of good demat accounts out there. But you also need to be careful to avoid the bad ones. Often, a newcomer will open a demat account, and they’ll be overwhelmed with all the hidden fees that the broker charges! That’s why, in this article, I will show you the best demat accounts with a low brokerage fee. They are transparent and they keep their brokerage fees low. Besides 5paisa, there are several other demat accounts and trading accounts that you can open. Before you open your account, it’s important that you know what a demat account is and what a trading account is

. A dematerialized account, or demat account, is basically like your savings bank account. it stores your stock value  But in digital form. A trading account is used for selling and buying stocks. Once you start trading by your trading account, it’s then stored in the demat account. You can be open both of these accounts at the same time. Here is the list of  

 top 10 Demat Accounts In India With {Low Brokerage}

1. 5Paisa

Click here to open an account on 5paisa.5Paisa is an online trading platform which provides you stock trading,   mutual fund investment,,. What I like about it is that it’s a mobile-first platform. It has a great app that you can use to handle all your trading, investments, and more. This is a convenient way to trade and invest. One of the notable things about 5Paisa is that it doesn’t have a percentage brokerage fee; instead, it has a very low flat fee (one of the lowest ever). That’s why it’s very cheap to use. It’s also a trusted and established a brand, with good customer support. Opening an account can be done paperless. All you need is an Adhaar card, PAN card, and bank account details. Here are the features of this demat account:

  • Brokerage fee of Rs. 10
  • The brokerage charge applies for equity intraday, delivery, futures, options, and currency F&O
  • It has an opening charge of Rs. 650 and a maintenance charge of Rs. 400 per year
  • You can get discounts and waives of certain charges
  • It divide of  trading platforms in major two from  investor terminal for low volume and trader terminal for high volume

2. Zerodha

best demet accout

Zerodha has revolutionized the online brokerage scene in India. It was set up in 2010 and since then, it has operated itself as the largest discount brokerage firm in India. It handles a high volume of stocks daily. One of the issues that new investors have is that they’re not sure where to start.here you check my ultimate beginner guide to investing in the stock market    That’s why it’s best for newcomers to register with an established and trusted broker, like Zerodha. Not only is the platform easy to use, but it also offers great customer support. Here are some of the features of Zerodha:

  • The brokerage rate is 0.01% or Rs. 20, whichever is lower
  • Kite 3.0 is a sleek and advanced trading platform
  • It offers free delivery on equity
  • Brokerage fee is very low
  • It has a charge of only Rs. 300 per year
  • It offers great support and extra features

3. Angel Broking

best demet account

Angel Broking has been around for a long time; it was founded in 1987. It has grown to be one of the most popular brokers in India, as it currently handles over 1 million customers. They have over 8500 sub-brokers and outlets in over 900 cities in the country. I also like their customer support. Angel Broking is a member of the NSE, BSE, NCDEX, and MCX. They have one of the online trading platforms that’s easy to use and offers plenty of services. Here are the key features:

  • You get a free lifetime demat account when you sign up
  • You can begin  trading instantly after you open an account
  • It gives 20% off on online brokerage
  • Their website offers a lot of resources and advice on investing
  • The brokerage charge varies but is generally low

4. ICICI Direct

ICICI Direct is one of the largest brokerage companies, with one of the largest customer bases in India. Due to the history and brand of the ICICI Bank, this is a trusted broker. If you have an ICICI bank account, it would make sense to open a demat and trading account with them too. But it’s not necessary. You should open the demat account that has the best services with reasonable charges. If you don’t have a bank account, then this is a convenient option for you. ICICI Direct is a 3-in-1 account: it includes a demat account, trading account, and a bank account. Here are all the key features:

  • 3-in-1 account
  • The delivery charges of saver plan have equity between 0.25% and 0.75%
  • The equity intraday is between 0.125% and 0.375%
  • The secure plan has a flat fee of equity delivery 0.55% and equity intraday 0.275%
  • It has two different trading platforms

5. Sharekhan

best demet trading account

Sharekhan is another one of the big and popular demat accounts in India. It was founded in 2005 and in 2015 it was acquired by BNP Paribas, a French company. It has a strong user base, with hundreds of thousands of customers. The company is also well-established, as it operates in over 500 cities. Their website is also easy to use and gives you a variety of options.You can either get a trade account or a classic account. The type of account you get will depend on how actively you trade and your knowledge. Here are the main features:

  • here is two  types of account available – Trade and classic
  • No opening charges
  • Annual maintenance fee between Rs. 400 and Rs. 750
  • It has 0.1% intraday charges
  • It has 0.5% equity delivery charges

6. Indiabul

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Indiabulls is a major  public company it deals not only  in securities  ,it deals  also with infrastructure and  real estate and .One of the new  things about their demat services is that they have not charged any fee for their service   of mainting demet  and trading accounts. Unlike most other brokers, they have a 0 maintenance charge. You will simple  have to pay the fee  an opening charge.They also have a mobile app that’s easy to use. The website also gives you all the information you need to know about them. Here is an overview:

  • Rs. 0 charge for maintaining your demat and trading account
  • Account opening charge of Rs. 750
  • Offers good customer service
  • It comes with  equity delivery, equity intraday, and charge equity futures  of 0.03%

7. Aditya Birla

Aditya Birla has launched a relatively new service offering a demat account. So, its brokerage services are not as well-established as the others on this list. But Aditya Birla Group is a large and well-trusted private company. There are a few reasons to choose this demat account. Firstly, as I mentioned, it is because of the brand name. It’s a huge conglomerate and is experienced in financial services and many other sectors. The demat account also has affordable fees, one of the best in the business. Here is an overview of its features:

  • It has an opening charge of Rs. 555
  • First the first 5 years, you don’t have to pay any charges for maintaining your trading and demat accounts
  • It trades through the NSE and BSE
  • It has equity charges of 0.03%
  • they  offers a mobile app, in addition to the website-based trading

8. Kotak Securities

Kotak Securities is the online trading platform of Kotak Mahindra Bank, which is the second-largest private bank in India (by market share). Kotak Mahindra is one of the most trusted private banks used by Indians, so their products carry a brand value. Kotak Securities is a well-developed online trading platform. Along with the demat account, Kotak securities also offer other investment options. You can invest in shares, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, government securities, and more. Here are the key features of this demat account:

  • they will not charged  no account opening fee  for the demat account
  • There is an account opening charge of Rs. 750 for the trading account
  • There is a maintenance charge of Rs. 600
  • It offers a wide range of trading platforms, including mobile app and web-based

9. Religare

Religare is a public company and a financial services group.  Religare have an online trading platform on Their website where you buy and sell shares. Religare broking has been around since 1994, and it’s one of the largest stock brokers in the country. One of the reasons why I listed it here is because of the very low service charges.Religare not any opening charges, or maintenance charges from a customer in the first year. That means you can trade without any charge for the first year. From the second year, you will start paying a maintenance charge. There are also intraday charges of 0.05% and delivery charges of 0.5%.

  • Rs. 0 opening charges
  •  The second year maintenance charge is Rs. 500 only  
  • They charge Rs. 10 for each offline order
  • The maximum that they charge is Rs. 50 per day
  • There is also a mobile trading platform
  • You can invest your money  in equity ,currency, derivatives, and futures through one account

10. Motilal Oswal

Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd. is a financial services company named after its chairman and managing director. It’s a highly-regarded company. It has received awards for excellence in business and financial services. Motilal Oswal rewarded other awards for its contribution to the Indian economy. The chairman received a special award from the government for being one of the highest income taxpayers in the country. All of this shows the reputation of the company , Motilal Oswal has over 1 million customers. Through Motilal Oswal, you can get various services such as home finance, currency broking, retail broking, wealth management, and more. Here is an overview of its demat account:

  • There are no opening charges for the trading and demat accounts
  • There is a maintenance charge of only Rs. 400 annually
  • The equity delivery brokerage is 0.5%
  • The equity intraday brokerage is 0.05%
  • There are 3 different trading platforms: website, mobile, and desktop

Which Demat Account Should You Open?

There are clearly a lot of different choices, and you might be confused about which account to open. Here, I will try to offer my 2 cents (or my 5 paise!). My top 3 choices are Zerodha, 5Paisa, and Angel Broking. All of these provide good services, so I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with whichever one you pick. 5Paisa is a good choice for high-volume trading. You can also choose specific plans, depending on whether you trade in low volume or high volume. What’s more important than the type of demat account you get is how much you know about stock trading. It’s important to learn about the stock market and trading. You’ll be well-equipped to start making long-term money

some question about Demat Account

documents are needed to open an online Demat account?

For online demat account opening you need to have the following documents:
Proof of identity, address, income, bank account, PAN Card, passport size photographs.

can you open more than one demat account under the same name?

Yes. It is possible to open more than one demat account under the same name. You can open the account with the existing Depository or can choose a different depository.

Every time you open a new account you have to give the KYC details.

demat account require a minimum balance?

No. A demat account does not require a minimum balance. You can also open a demat account without any shares.

How can you transfer shares from one account to another?

You can transfer the shares either manually or online.
In the case of manual sharing, you need to keep in mind that the shares are held by a depository. If the new and existing brokers are associated with the same depository, then it will be an Intra-depository transfer also known as the off-market transfer. In case of brokers being from different depositories then the transfer will be an Inter-Depository transfer.

What is ‘Market Trade’ and an ‘Off Market Trade’?

Market trade is where a clearing corporation is involved in the trade settlement. Off Market Trade is where the settlement is done directly between the two parties in question with the clearing corporation

How to know your demat account number?

When your demat account is opened, you receive a letter from the depository which includes all the details regarding the demat account. The account number is also known as the Beneficiary Owner ID.

The number of digits may differ based on which depository your account is from. In the case of a CSDL, the account number will have 16 numeric digits. Whereas in the case of NSDL the number will start with the letters ‘IN’ followed by 14 numeric digits.

How to link the demat account to Aadhar?

To link your demat account to your Aadhar, you need to visit the NSDL website. You will find a link named ‘Aadhar Number to Demat Account’. Enter the name of your depository, their ID, client ID, and PAN details. Next, enter the OTP password received. Now you enter your Aadhar details in the new link. You will receive an OTP on the Aadhar registered number. Click on submit after entering the OTP.

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